How Recording Artist Can Maintain Their Mental Health?

Updated: Aug 8

Many musicians (but not all) end up in the music industry as a result of unresolved anxiety or trauma. This could be because music is a powerful outlet for dealing with depression. Their love for the music tends to drive to take this as profession and bring out the mental satisfaction.

We are passing a tough but a time of hope after a long lasting pandemic. Many musicians were out of their livelihood because of this pandemic.You take away the outlet of live performances while also adding economic uncertainty to the already existing mental health issues. Things couldn’t turnout worse than this.

Well, this is not new to any struggling artist. Some societies don’t give the artist as much focus as they deserve. Some societies undervalue the art itself. As a result, artists are forced to feel deep anxiety and depression because of economic crisis.

Here are some tips that I recommend to the recording artists to deal with their mental illness.

  • Always stay connected with your group. At the same time, go out and meet other artists in search of learning something new. Music is a language of communication. Make some good friends through this communication tool.

  • A good jamming session can work like a tonic for any recording artist. It will give a mental satisfaction too.

  • Maintain a good practice habit. Try to practice everyday.

  • Eat more nutritious but well-balanced meals. There's no longer any reason to base your diet on takeout restaurants in your neighborhood.

  • Begin regular exercise. For many musicians who are constantly on the road, exercise is often an afterthought. Exercise, on the other hand, has numerous mental health benefits.

  • Try to get more sleep. Sleep gives rest to your body, mind and brain itself. Maintain a normal but regular sleeping schedule.

  • Maintain a good social life and good relationship with your near and dear ones. To stay motivated, share your concerns, feelings, and new goals with others.

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