How To Get Signed To A Record Label.

Updated: Aug 13

Record labels are a business or brand that publishes music in the market for sale. They provide financial support to the artists and in return make profits from the music they make. Getting signed to a record label is a typical goal for many musicians.

It's not easy to get the attention of a great record label. Before hunting for your first record deal, it is best if you have the following three crucial elements-

  • A substantial music discography

  • A solid fanbase

  • A built reputation/popularity in the music business

Music industry professionals only collaborate with you if they find value in you. So as a musician you must prove your talent through the singles and albums you release. Study artists you like that are already signed to labels to improve your performance.

You must establish a balance between your artistic goals and the commercial value of your song. In other words, you must create music that will connect with a wide audience.

Without a solid fanbase, I can highly doubt your secure music career. Fans are the fuels of artists as the money will come from music listening, concert ticket selling, and the branding value you create.

Fans not only listen to music but also follow the artist's personality. Therefore, a musician's brand identification is essential for drawing in the right kind of fanbase. Release your music to platforms like Spotify, and Apple Music to reach a wide audience

After building a solid fanbase, it's time to research record labels. Selling your demo to record labels that don't sign musicians who play your type of music is useless.

It will always be a plus point if you have some friends who are already working at a record level. Anyway, you need to build a relationship with the record label to get a contract. Here are a couple of tips for you-

  • Join the label rep and label on social media, and engage in whatever they post there.

  • Send an email update with your best music (but don't send more than one at once)

  • Update the label on any significant accomplishments, such as selling out a tour, appearing on a massive playlist, or landing a feature with a well-known artist.

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